Where do I find AA?

Greater Manchester Meetings list

Within Greater Manchester, there is a thriving AA community.

In fact, Manchester is blessed to have a really thriving Young Person’s Meeting in which young people in sobriety come together once a week to share their experience, strength and hope whilst keeping each other sober.

You can view this list and attend your first meeting by just showing up.


If so, check out the meetings list as Manchester is blessed with LGBTQI+ meetings. There is also a meeting, and a website with more information, for gay men in recovery.

Phone service

If you want to make immediate contact with AA, or speak with someone before attending a meeting, you can ring Manchester’s helpline service by calling 0161 839 2881.

Pick up the phone, not the drink

Our operators are recovering alcoholics who have found a way to live happy sober lives. It can be done, with the help of AA, if you are sure you have had enough of the drink. Give them a call.

Nationwide AA

If you have found this website but do not reside in Greater Manchester, you can find more information about AA and how to find a meeting near where you are by visiting this website.


If you prefer e-mail as a means of contact then feel free to email us at help@aamail.org.